Enerzone Destination 1.6 

The Destination 1.6 is the ideal heating appliance for those looking for efficiency and a contemporary interior design. This small ecological wood stove provides a maximum heat output of 55,000 BTU/h with an emissions rate of only 4 g/h. It features an incredible view of the fire and comes with an easy-to-operate door latch system that complements its clean lines. In addition to providing a convenient and safe pedestal to store your logs, the Destination 1.6 can be customized according to your taste and d├ęcor, thanks to its modular side panels available in a variety of different finishes. You will also have the choice of adding a 130 CFM blower and a thermodisc for improved heat distribution. Moreover, it can be connected to a fresh air kit without the need for any special adaptor.