Wood Inserts

Wood Inserts from The Fireplace Store create a cozy, warm setting in any home.
Please feel free to view our selection online and then drop by and visit our Northwest Arkansas showroom.

Enerzone Solution 1.8 Insert                             

Enerzone Solution 2.3 Insert

Enerzone Destination 1.5 Insert

Enerzone Destination 2.3 Insert

Osburn 1100 Insert

Osburn 1600 Insert

Osburn 1800 Insert

Osburn 2000 Insert

Osburn 2200 Insert

Osburn 2400 Insert

Osburn Matrix Insert

Enviro Boston 1200

Enviro Cabello 1200

Enviro Boston 1700

Enviro Cabello 1700

Montlake 230

Montlake 300

Quadra-Fire 2700 Insert

Quadra-Fire 3100 Insert

Quadra-Fire 4100 Insert

Quadra-Fire 5100 Insert

Quadra-Fire Voyager Insert

Quadra-Fire Voyager Grand Insert